Twitch is a massive live-streaming video platform for gamers with more than 140 million users every month. Still, With this considerable follower base, twitch does not officially allow downloading clips and videos but we will see how we can get this job done. Firstly, Let me introduce you to Twitch Clip Downloader; our easy-to-use Twitch video downloading tool lets you download Twitch clips with just a few clicks.

You are no more struggling to find a way to download your favorite Twitch content. Our downloader makes downloading twitch clips effortless. Just a direct link to the clip or video is needed. Check out our 3-step tutorial for more information on using the Twitch Clip Downloader tool.

Twitch Clip Downloader - Step 1

Get Video URL

Copy the link to your favorite Twitch Clips or VODs you want to download.

Twitch Clip Downloader - Step 2

Paste Copied URL

Paste the URL of the twitch clip into the input box at the Twitch Clip downloader and press the “Download” button.

Twitch Clip Downloader - Step 3

Download Video

Select the resolution to download your favorite twitch clip, video, or VOD.

Why You Need a Twitch Clip Downloader:

Today, Twitch has become one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, with millions of users tuning in to watch their favorite streamers every day. If you’re a fan of someone who streams on Twitch, I know there are times when you may want to download their videos or clips so you can watch them offline.

There are a few different reasons you might want to do this:

  • You may want to watch a particular stream or clip that you missed and don’t want to wait for it to be uploaded to Twitch’s VOD system
  • You should create your own compilation of your favorite moments from a streamer’s channel.
  • You can download a funny or entertaining clip to share with friends.

There could be multiple reasons compelling you to download a twitch clip or video. Our Twitch VOD downloader best suits every situation and need.

Twitch Clip Downloader - TwichClip

Pros & Cons of using Twitch Clip Downloader

Pros of Twitch Clip Downloader
  • Enjoy Twitch Downloading Tool with amazing user experience.
  • Download Unlimited number of files..
  • Download Videos in high resolution and mp4 format.
  • Download with just one-click procedure.
  • Download Twitch Clips and videos directly to your device. (Mobile, PC, Tablet)
  • No extension required to use the tool.
Cons of Twitch Clip Downloader
  • An Internet connection is required to use the tool.

Twitch Video Download Guide

Downloading videos from Twitch Clip Downloader is a simple 3-step process.

twitch clip downloader tool to download videos and clips from twitch

Get Video URL

Copy the link to your favorite Twitch Clips or VODs you want to download.

Paste Copied URL

Paste the URL of the twitch clip into the input box at the Twitch Clip downloader and press the “Download” button.

twitch clip downloader tool to download videos and clips from twitch
twitch clip downloader tool to download videos and clips from twitch

Download Video

Select the resolution to download your favorite twitch clip, video, or VOD.

There are a few things to remember before you download Twitch Clip, Video, or VOD. You can follow these tips:

  • The quality of the original clip matters a lot. If you choose to download it in HD, it will help you get the best quality video.
  • Without a stable and reliable internet connection, downloading Twitch clips will be constantly interrupted – at best inconvenient, but possibly even disastrous! A good connection is non-negotiable for smooth downloads.
  • Before commencing your download, make sure you have sufficient disk space to accommodate the video – as videos can often require more storage than anticipated. To guarantee a successful download, ensure that you look into the size of the file prior to hitting ‘download’.
  • Before you start the downloading process, ensure that your browser permits pop-ups from Twitch. Alternatively, this may stop the downloader from running correctly as some browsers could block pop-ups.

If you’re having trouble downloading Twitch content or clips, here are a few things you can try:

  • To ensure optimal website performance, we highly recommend using either Chrome or Firefox as your web browser.
  • Additionally, you should take the time to clear out any lingering cookies and caches stored on your device.
  • Furthermore, if you have an adblocker installed on your computer disable it for our site or add us to its whitelist (
  • Finally, consider changing up devices or accessing a different internet connection from what is normally used!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Twitch is a live streaming video platform and a community of gamers who use twitch to live stream and broadcast.

No, there are no restrictions on downloading Twitch clips. However, we recommend you only download clips you have permission to use.

Twitch Clip Downloader is a free and easy-to-follow tool that lets you download your favorite twitch clips and streams to mp4 or any format. You can also download clips and videos to your mobile phone directly.

There may be multiple reasons you want to download Twitch streams and Videos. Some people download twitch clips to make a backup if the original user removes it. Also, people download twitch clips to watch them offline because this content is stored locally on their devices. 

Twitch streams can be downloaded easily from Twitch VOD / Clip saver. Just copy the URL of the desired video, paste that into the input box on the Twitch Clip saver website, and hit “Download Video”. It’s so simple as that.

Absolutely! Twitch Clip or Videos saver is a browser-based web application that works great on any internet browser. It’s very simple to download clips. You just have to copy the URL of the video and paste it into the appropriate text box on the homepage, click Download Video, and that’s it.

On Android devices, Downloaded videos can be found in the “Downloads” folder in the file manager app and viewed through the videos app. Download the twitch clip from your favorite streamer now!

If you are an iPhone user, please open your Safari Browser, paste the copied video URL in the text box on the twitch clip saver tool, and hit the “Download button. After that, tap on the “Tap and hold this link. Now click on the “Download Linked File,” and the desired video will be downloaded.

No! Twitch VOD saver is a free service for twitch video and clip downloading that can be used as many times as you want to download clips and media.

Thanks to the web and a browser-based version of the Twitch videos downloader, everyone can download twitch media on any mobile, tablet, or laptop device. It works seamlessly, great everywhere on any device with video-playing capabilities. 

Just copy the URL of the desired video, go to Twitch Clip downloader, paste the copied URL in the text box, and hit “Download Video”. That’s it. Your favorite video is downloaded and saved.

Twitch Clips are default downloaded into the “Downloads” folder on your PC or Laptop. You can view the download history of your web browser and locate the downloaded video quickly. 

You can not download twitch clip or video that is currently streaming. Wait for the stream to finish. After that, when the user shares the link to the stream, you can use that link to download the video. 

Absolutely No! The twitch VOD downloader does not store the twitch clip or stream the user downloads. All clips are directly downloaded from the official twitch servers to make them the most secure and reliable for our users.

Yes. You can download the twitch clip of any user who shared their clip publicly and have the link to that video.

If you are on a PC or Laptop, You just have to locate the VOD you want to save, right-click on the VOD and click “Copy Clip Link.” Alternatively, you can open the desired twitch clip and copy the URL from the address bar by right-clicking and selecting “copy.” 

Twitch Clip Downloader is a free service that lets you download your favorite clips in .mp4 format with .mp3 audio. 

There are a lot of tools that can help you to edit twitch clips and media. Some popular tools for video editing include Filmora, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro. Editing is simple: dragging and dropping the video into the software and placing text and video elements.

You can find your twitch clips at link. You can copy the link of the desired clip by right-clicking on the video itself.

TikTok and Pinterest use a vertical video format. To convert media for TikTok and Pinterest, You will need a video editor like Wondershare Filmora or Adobe Premiere Pro. Mac users can use Final Cut Pro for video editing purposes.

Twitch Stream Downloader does not limit the video download length, but currently, twitch has a video duration limit of up to 60 seconds. 

Clips downloaded from Twitch Stream Downloader have a video file format of mp4. You can change the file format, but you must use editing software like Wondershare Filmora or Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Twitch Clip saver downloads the highest video quality made available by twitch servers. It could be 720p, 1080p, or any other format. 

Twitch Clip saver will never collect any private information for its users. We use secure servers to protect our users in every way possible.


In this article, we learned how we can download twitch videos, VOD, clips, and streams from twitch to any of your Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone devices. So, Start downloading your favorite twitch content with this free twitch clip downloader in 3 easy steps.

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