Have you ever wanted to download a Twitch VOD or video and watch it when you are offline? Well, now you can! Now You will be able to download Twitch VODs. Let me explain so you can watch them anytime, anywhere.

On the Twitch Platform, Past broadcasts are only stored for 14 days. If you want to keep them stored for longer, you need to download them locally on your device so you can watch them later whenever you want.

In this detailed guide, we will see how to download Twitch VODs for yourself and others. Also, there are some very useful FAQs at the end of this help guide to learn more about downloading twitch VODs. Now, off we go.

Download Twitch VODs

How to Directly Download Twitch VODs (your own)

Downloading your own Twitch VODs or broadcasts is a simple task. As mentioned earlier in this post, twitch allows you to save your previous broadcasts to access them later – but for 14 days at most. So, you have 14 days to download twitch VODs directly into your device to keep them saved for longer. 

Enable Auto-Archiving of your VODs

To download your twitch VODs, you need to Enable Auto-Archiving of your twitch videos. The auto-Archiving feature may not be enabled by default. So, let me show you how you can do that:

  • Log In to your Twitch Account and click on Settings by navigating to the top right corner.
  • Select Channel and Videos from the tabs under the “Settings” area.
  • You need to Turn On Store Past Broadcasts.
  • Great! Now, whenever you do broadcasts in the future, those will be saved into your account once they are finished. 
Download Twitch- VODs Enable Past Broadcasts
Download Twitch VODs Enable Past Broadcasts

Downloading your Own Twitch VODs on PC

After enabling the Auto-Archiving for your VODs, let’s see how we can download these videos on PC.

Download Your Own Twitch VODs
Download Your Own Twitch VODs
  • Login to your twitch account and in the upper right corner and click on “Creator Dashboard“.
  • Under “Content“, click on the “Video Producer” option.
  • Find your previous broadcasts from the list by applying the “Past Broadcasts” filter.
  • Locate your desired twitch video and click on the More Options (3 vertical dots) on the right side.
  • Finally, Select the Download option.

That’s it. Now you can edit and publish your VOD to another platform as well.

But Wait – The process of downloading someone else’s twitch VODs is different – Because that is not something twitch officially allows you to do, nor can it be done from the twitch website, but we can use a third-party tool (Twitch Clip Downloader) to perform this task.

Keep in mind that you need the permission of the streamer before you can download or share their content. Be sure you have proper permission from the original creator before attempting to download their content.

How to Download someone else’s Twitch VODs

Now, let’s see how we can download Twitch Videos of other users on Twitch. Most of the time we want to do that because we like to watch those offline, or we wish to use them for editing purposes. The easiest way to do it using a twitch downloading Tool called Twitch Clip Downloader.

There are no limits on file length when you download twitch videos. You can download twitch videos of any number without paying any penny for anything. Never.

Pros of Twitch Clip Downloader
  • Enjoy Twitch Downloading Tool with amazing user experience.
  • Download Unlimited number of files.
  • Download Videos in high resolution and mp4 format.
  • Download with just one-click procedure.
  • Download Twitch Clips and videos directly to your device. (Mobile, PC, Tablet)
  • No extension required to use the tool.
Cons of Twitch Clip Downloader
  • An Internet connection is required to use the tool.

Steps to Download VODs using Twitch Clip Downloader

Twitch clip downloader is an online browser-based tool that can help you in downloading Videos from Twitch. Only a link to your desired twitch VOD videos or stream is needed. Once you have the link, go to the tool and paste that link into the URL input box. After that, you just have to click on the Download button.

That’s it. Your VOD is downloading. Downloading progress can also be checked while it’s downloading.

How to Download twitch VODs on Mobile?

You can download twitch VODs on your android and iPhone very easily. After downloading the twitch clips to your mobile, you can watch them offline. You just need to follow the steps below to download twitch VODs on your iPhone or Android mobile.

Download Twitch VODs On iPhone

To download Twitch VODs and clips into your iPhone, you will need an app called VLC media player. This app is basically a video player app, but most people don’t know that we can also download videos from the VLC app. Let me show you how:

  • To instantly download your favorite Twitch VODs, simply download and open the iPhone’s VLC media player app.
  • Find the URL of the twitch video you desire to watch, then tap on the VLC logo at the top right corner within the application.
  • From its drop-down menu, click “Download” and paste in that copied link—and voila! Your Twitch video is now ready for watching offline – it’s just as easy as that!

Download Twitch VODs on Android

To Download Twitch VOD(s) on your android device, the process is very simple and easy. Just follow me:

  • Copy the link to your favorite twitch VOD or clip you want to download. 
  • Go to the Twitch Clip downloader tool and paste the copied twitch VOD link into the input box on the top.
  • Finally, Click download to start downloading your favorite twitch clip into your android device. 

Download Someone Else’s Videos On a PC (Software Based):

You can use Twitch clip downloader to download videos, Twitch VODs, and broadcasts on a PC, but if you want to use a software-based solution on a PC, then “Twitch Leecher” is the best option to download videos.

  • Download Twitch Leecher in your PC and Install it.
  • After running the program, click “search” button.
  • Paste the link to the twitch video you want to download (allows multiple links).
  • Click on Search Video
  • From the search results, click on the download button at the video’s bottom right corner.
  • Choose output video quality, format, and location and hit the Download button. 

That’s it. Your favorite twitch video will finish downloading in a moment.

Pros and Cons of Twitch Leecher

As said earlier, twitch leecher is a PC based software and that’s the reason this program comes with it’s own pros and cons. Read below

Pros of Twitch Leecher
  • Quick and easy software installation process.
  • Provides built-in-support for cropping videos as well.
Cons of Twitch Leecher
  • Twitch Leecher lags sometime on slow internet speed.
  • Interface is not very user friendly in Twitch Leecher.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Yes, but read further. All users on twitch can download twitch VODs and their past broadcasts easily. But, if you want to download streams of other users, you will need third-party tools like twitch clip downloader.

Keep in mind that twitch does not allow downloading twitch VODs and streams of other users, so ensure you have proper rights and permissions.

Twitch Clip Downloader is the best if you want a clean and minimal user interface. This tool can help you download unlimited twitch clips, and VODs will stay with you forever!

Downloading someone else’s twitch VODs is not something twitch officially allows. But if you have proper permissions from the original owner, you can use the Twitch Clip Downloader tool to download someone else’s twitch VODs and clips. It’s just simple as copying and pasting the link.

If you want to download Twitch Videos Online, you will need to use a Downloading Tool like Twitch Clip Downloader or Clipsy. The usage process is very easy and straightforward. We highly recommend Twitch Clip Download for an easy-to-use and amazing user experience.

Yes. It’s free to download twitch videos and clips from the Twitch clip downloader tool. Also, you will have a clean and minimal user interface to help you mass download twitch videos and streams for free.

Twitch does not officially allow downloading VODs, clips and videos from someone else’s channel. But we can use third-party tools like Twitch Clip Downloader to perform this task. Make sure you have proper permission from the original owner before doing so.

Twitch stores videos and past broadcasts for 14-60 days. Storage time depends on the level of account you have on twitch. You can check your account level in “Account Settings” page.

Final Words:

Downloading Twitch VODs, Videos and clips is not a difficult task. Whether you want to download Twitch VODs of your previous streams or someone else’s broadcasts, you can do that easily by using the Twitch Clip downloader tool, which is very easy to use with a clean and minimal user interface.

Happy twitching!