Twitch is a very popular gaming platform worldwide, with millions of daily visits. With this huge visitors base, twitch has some very strict rules and regulations implemented on their platform. Meaning that you can not say everything you have in mind. So, if you want to grow on twitch, here is the list of all the twitch banned words list that you need to add to your blocked words list before communicating and having conversations on twitch. 

This doesn’t mean you are not allowed to say what you want. There are certain statements that are prohibited to say for a good reason. We can say this is “moderation.” This is a built-in feature called “Blocked words and phrases” in twitch that allows you to automatically block certain words that are included in a list. Keep reading!

Twitch Banned Words List - Feature Image

Twitch Banned Words List

It is very important to keep your twitch channel clean and friendly. To make twitch a safe and friendly place, twitch has a huge list of banned words that are implemented in their algorithm. Don’t worry friends; We will provide references to all the words and lists so that you have an eye on them to better know what to avoid saying on twitch.

In the bigger picture, our main focus is to give you an idea behind banning these words so that you can act better by using a bit of common sense!

Now that you have the list of words that are prohibited on twitch, can you remember them all? Or will you consider checking these while communicating on twitch? Big NO.

We are going to show you the best approach to filter out these banned words automatically in your twitch channel. Just prepare a local copy of ALL these banned words in a notepad file and save it with you. Let’s see how to include these words in your channel’s blocked words list. Stay with me!

  • Login to your twitch channel with your username and password.
Twitch Banned Words List - Login
Twitch Banned Words List – Login
  • Click on your profile picture on the top right-hand side, and choose Creator Dashboard from the dropdown options. 
Twitch Banned Words List - Creator Dashboard
Twitch Banned Words List – Creator Dashboard
  • Now from the list of options on the left side, select Settings, and from the dropdown options, choose Moderation.
Twitch Banned Words List - Settings and Moderation
Twitch Banned Words List – Settings and Moderation
  • Now, in the AutoMod Controls, Select the “Blocked Terms & Phrases” option.
Twitch Banned Words List - Blocked Words List
Twitch Banned Words List – Blocked Words List
  • In the text field, enter a word from the blocked words list prepared earlier, select the privacy and hit “Add”.
Twitch Banned Words List - Select Privacy & Click Add
Twitch Banned Words List – Select Privacy & Click Add
  • Enter all the words you want to include in a list the same way, and that’s it!
Twitch Banned Words List - Words Are Added Into The List
Twitch Banned Words List – Words Are Added Into The List

Great! Now you have a blocked words list implemented in your twitch account, and you do not need to worry about remembering all the words in your mind. Great work!

This was it for the twitch banned words list. But wait! There’s another way to keep messages from displaying on your twitch channel and in messages, called the “AutoMod” feature of twitch.

What AutoMod feature does? – Twitch Moderation

Well as the name suggests, this feature automatically holds some of the words from appearing and being used using the machine learning algorithm. It feels like twitch has a list of words in its own database that we can use to stay safe on the platform. But first, see how this features words. Keep reading!

How Does AutoMod Work? – Twitch Moderation

You can see AutoMod as a third-party person listening to all of your conversations. Let me explain – AutoMod is a firewall implemented (if enabled) on your account that keeps you from uttering certain words that the algorithm feels unsafe. 

So, by using the AutoMod feature, you are now free from maintaining the long list and adding words in it from time to time. You can just enable this feature in twitch to start implementations. Let’s see how we can enable AutoMod in the twitch channel. Follow me!

  • Go to Creators Dashboard and from the settings click on Moderations.
Twitch Banned Words List – Settings and Moderation
  • Now, from the AutoMod controls, choose AutoMod Rulesets.
Twitch Banned Words List - AutoMod Rulesets
Twitch Banned Words List – AutoMod Rulesets
  • Select the Level of firewall you want to set on your account.
Twitch Banned Words List – Firewall Level
  • Click on the Save button to apply the changes.
Twitch Banned Words List - Click Save
Twitch Banned Words List – Click Save

Woah! You have implemented AutoMod on your twitch channel to provide you with an extra layer of preventing banned words on twitch, finally making your twitch account safer for others.

It is evident that there isn’t any exact list of banned words provided by twitch because the context of the word matters. That’s why it is always recommended that everyone follow the community guidelines for the platform they are interacting with. 

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQs below to get answers to all of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We can debate this, but measures should be taken to keep the platform safe and clean. Also, twitch is a private company so you can disagree with their policy, but to use their platform, you must follow these to keep your channel healthy.

The word “Simp” is banned on twitch. A few more words like virgin and incel are also banned. So try not to use them on the twitch platform.

Wrapping Up:

Twitch is constantly working to make the platform a safe and clean space for its users, so – by abiding by the rules and following the twitch banned words list, one can have peace of mind that nothing goes against the terms and conditions of the platform.

Happy twitching!

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