With millions of users across the globe, most people use twitch to broadcast their content live to gain public exposure and traffic. That’s why twitch content is mostly visible to the public from all over the world. But, there are situations when you want to privately stream on twitch with selective people from your closed circle. So, is there anything like a twitch private stream? NO – But we have a solution. Keep reading!

Everyone wants to create special content for their special followers to keep them engaged with your channel. That’s the reason private streaming on twitch is beneficial. Something called “Password-only Streams” was used to serve the purpose in the past.

This feature was removed because people started to broadcast adult content in private streams, which is against the terms and conditions of the platform. 

How to Setup Twitch Private Stream
How to Setup Twitch Private Stream

How can we use twitch private stream today? 

A few tricks are used for privately streaming content on twitch. The main purpose is to use the new twitch account with no following and no basic settings to trick the algorithm, not to recommend the stream to the audience.

Is this a foolproof way of private streaming? Well No.

But in this way, you can share the link of your stream in your closed circle, and they can watch it with the direct URL. Let’s dig down and see all the steps in detail.

Setting Up A New Account For Twitch Private Stream

We aim to set up a new account with no tags, categories, or search terms for the algorithm to find relevant audiences for recommendations. 

  • Sign up for a new twitch account with a random name, and use numbers in your username that are not very common to make it unique.
  • Start the stream with no search tags, categories, or descriptions.
  • Share the stream link with the people you want to see the live stream.

As many people strive to gain exposure and followers on twitch with all the search tags and tactics, it is evident that without any effort, your stream will not be suggested to the broader audience, thus making it a completely private stream.

Subscriber-Only Content For Twitch Private Streaming

If you manage to get affiliate status on twitch, you can host subscriber-only streams with only your subscribers. Solved the problem? Wait – Getting affiliate status on twitch isn’t that easy. There are a few requirements to get eligible for affiliate status. Read below:

  • Have at least 50 followers on your account (Not subscribers).
  • Achieve an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers in the last 30 days.
  • Broadcast live for at least 7 unique days with at least 500 total minutes in the last 30 days.

By completing the above requirements, you can achieve a subscriber-only status allowing you to stream privately just for your subscribers. Here’s the official twitch subscriber-only requirements page for your better understanding.

In addition to this, it is worth mentioning that there’s a difference between following and subscription. The following is FREE on twitch, where the subscription is paid depending on the plan you want to opt for. A tier subscription costs $4.99 a month.

To download clips and content from twitch, A Twitch Downloader can be used. This is any easy-to-follow twitch downloading tool that allows you to save twitch clips with just few clicks.

Other Streaming Platforms For Private Stream

If you aren’t lucky enough to get the affiliate status, don’t worry – You are not alone, and we have a solution for you. Keep reading!

There are multiple platforms that allow live streaming like Twitch does. If you are not intentionally bound to twitch, it will be a great choice to try other platforms like Facebook Gaming, YouTube Live, and Discord. 

  • Facebook Gaming

If you want to live stream with little to no hassle, Facebook is the best platform for you. Here you can live stream by simply creating a page, inviting your friends to the page, and starting the broadcast. Your friends will get a notification as well when you go live.

  • Private Streaming on Discord

Discord is relatively new to the streaming world, with the option of private streaming. To start the private stream, you just need to create a server on discord and add your friends to it. After that, you have to join the voice channel and click on the Go Live button that allows you to share your screen.

  • Private Streaming on YouTube Live

For private streaming, YouTube Live is the best platform you will ever use. Private streaming on YouTube is as simple as scheduling your stream as “Unlisted” from the “Public,” sharing the stream link with your closed fellows, and; that’s it.

YouTube will not recommend your stream to the public, and only people having a direct link to your stream will be able to see the stream. Great?

Another player in the private streaming game is Steam. On steam, you can set your stream as private from “Settings > Broadcasting > Privacy Settings.” and choosing Friends can request to watch my games option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

If you want to stream to your close friends and family, then a private stream for twitch is necessary. Here it is to remember that other platforms allow private stream facilities without any hassle. Some of them include Facebook Gaming, YouTube Live, and Discord. So, if private streaming is really necessary, give these platforms a try.

Tier 1 subscription costs $4.99 per month. This is a basic subscription on twitch that you can use to follow any channel on twitch. Keep in mind two more subscriptions are named Tier 2 and Tier 3, which cost $9.99 and $24.99, respectively.

Streaming as well as viewing others’ streams are both free on twitch. Some channels offer subscription services allowing special perks and subscribe-only content to their unique subscribers that come with a monthly subscription starting from $4.99 a month.


Twitch private streaming is possible with some limitations as it is not officially supported by the platform and is thus available with some hacks. If you want peace of mind of fully private streams, give other platforms like Facebook Gaming, YouTube Live, and Discord a try. I bet you will not regret your decision.

Happy Streaming!

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